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You Speak – We Type

There can be few things more gratifying on earth than watching a DIY video with accurate subtitles. Information seekers prefer viewing a video than going through tedious PDF files. To get a clear audio is the wistful and expensive dream of most video producers, but despite the best microphone in the market, well intentioned friends who speak in whispers, and padded doors, atmospheric noise still manages to creep in.

If poor audio can make a video look tacky, something as simple as adding subtitles can make it more global and professional.

A wide platter

Every service offers options, and mostly a mind numbing array of them. Subtitling is no longer just adding text to a video but a full fledged professional service, with diverse end users. To avoid ending up with painfully complicated and slow, conversion or compatibility issues, check with your web team. Subtitles that can play on an Mp4 player may not be able to play on a JW player. If you opt to outsource your subtitling work to professionals do a bit of homework so you can explain what you’re looking for in your subtitles.

Not just compatibility!

Gone are the days of monotonous subtitles that can look like you are reading a book while watching a movie. There are several styles available and you can have custom designed captions. Choose the color, the font, drop shadow effects and every other visual detail that can make a subtitle look attractive and stand out from the run of the mill ones.

Create a style and stick to it

Once you’ve realized that a subtitle is as much a part of your video as the other components, you’d do well to create subtitles that follow a consistent style. Trying to create an individual style by following a specific font style, color and visual effects is like having a watermark on your images. They’re yours and you are not the only who’s aware of it. It can be a cool way to build on brand recall!

Now, whoever thought that there is so much to the humble subtitle! Well, there is a lot more, and like they say there is more to it than meets the eye. Custom designed subtitles have hit the market, and join the queue early to get the most benefit from subtitles that can make your videos immensely watchable.

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