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Audio mixing can be a tough nut to crack. The ingredients of what goes into a good audio mix are varied, and even more confusingly, change according to the person you are asking. We snooped around a bit and came up with some mixing tricks that work and are not all that complicated to master. And here goes the list […]

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Noisy classrooms are the bane of all lecturers. And the decibel levels somehow seem to increase, when you are trying to audio record your lectures. To break free from monotony, and to better engage students, most lecturers use PowerPoint slides while delivering lectures. You can use the built in audio recorder that comes with PowerPoint, to avoid snaky wires and […]

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Anybody who’s worked with Audacity would vouch for the fact that it is one of the best audio editing software’s around. But if you are a newbie and confounded with the number of options it offers and wondering if it is too much of a good thing, here is how you can get acquainted with your friend in easy to […]

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From our experience as a noted transcription company, we will be able to assist you in avoiding the common mistakes in a recorded interview. The overall quality of the content is directly proportional to the quality of the recording produced. If your intention is to record an interview and have it transcribed later, then you can help the transcription process […]

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