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You Speak – We Type

Voice recognition software is the best thing to have happened to people who dictate on the go. At least, that what glossy pamphlets and smartly designed advertisements, seem to scream from the rooftops. But the truth is far different from what those pretty looking brochures claim. From what frustrated users, and industry experts say, the voice recognition software is still […]

We have a team of over 100 transcribers and there was no need for us to use voice-recognition, the caller appeared to be very pleased with our reply and related his experience using voice recognition, he tried using it for an audio recording of a focus group in which multiple speakers were participants, the length of the audio recording was 187 minutes […]

When assignments for voice to text are sent to us, the requests from clients is for not including any background noise in the transcript, but there are some exceptions, for example a client from Milwaukee sent us an unusual request for including background noise in the transcripts. The audio recording of a group of speakers had a variety of background […]

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