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There is a fast forward button for everything in this fast paced community! Everybody is busy. The world has found the fast forward button. Businesses and information exchange happens at exhilerating speeds. Social media has become the hub of interconnecting individuals, businesses, friends, families, and events. Micro blogging and one-liners are the most effective in this fast-paced world. Twitter satisfies […]

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Why trainers are turning to webinars? One of the recent catchphrases in workplaces is the webinars. The no. of trainers adopting webinars has increased to a great extent in the recent days. This is because webinars have evolved to a must key ingredient into the training programs. Any employee orientation or other training programs becomes easy with the advent of […]

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If you present webinars regularly you’ve probably read up enough stuff on how to create engaging webinars. You by-hearted it, followed it like the bible and still ended up with bored and distracted audience. The problem of speaking to people who are not within your earshot is that it is very difficult to grab their attention. As you smile that […]