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Yes, we just shortened the list for you! And no we don’t work for any of them. This is a simple list created from the feedback of avid podcasters, excited friends, and our own happy experiences. We save you the trouble of wading through technical mumbo jumbo. And, staring down at a long list of features you cannot make sense of.

First off we start with the one podcasting software that is arguably the most popular one around.

Garage Band: Is the natural choice of most podcasters. It is easy to use and you can drag and drop voice tracks into the track mixer. The Track editor offers a host of editing options. And you don’t have to search for interesting background score to liven up your podcast.

Garage Band offers cute little jingles and some interesting music scores so all that you have to do make a smart pick and drop it into your track mixer. And publishing it in the iweb site is as easy as hitting share and export.

Propaganda: Though it is slightly lesser known, its users swear by it. If you feel that most podcasting softwares don’t offer extensive editing options, Propaganda is your answer. It has quite an enviable array of editing tools that can make editing your podcasts easy and fun.

Though propaganda doesn’t support video files it’s got publishing features that are the best in the market. It publishes Mp3 and wav files, the two most commonly used formats in podcasts, which makes it a podcasters dream come true.

Hindenburg Journalist: It is to most podcasters the other name for cool. One of the main reasons why it is drool worthy is that creates rss feeds. So no more nightmares of the monotony and stress of coding! It offers spiffy audio editing options and at a little under hundred dollars, a cost effective option too. It is easy to add chapters and links with the Hindy as it is fondly called. It offers a one click publishing option and some great features to improve audio quality such as the Voice profiler.

As someone who works closely with podcasters (I work with a transcription firm) and as a small time, hobbyist podcaster myself these are three softwares that seem to be the best ones around. I use Garage Band btw.

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