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The major stumbling block for young and aspiring filmmakers is to market their movies. With bigger players in the game, it can be tough, ruthless, and not to mention very expensive! So how do you swim against the tide and hold your own against the big sharks. Surprise, surprise, it is the social media that has come to the rescue of many a struggling filmmaker.

Do the social media rounds!

Network extensively. The best part of socializing through social media sites is that you get to communicate and bounce ideas with different people, and can also soft sell your movie. Social media sites like LinkedIn can help you to communicate with professionals and bigwigs of the media industry effortlessly. All you have to, do is, get accepted into their clique and voila, you can communicate with that producer you always dreamed of working with!

Tweet away to glory!

Twitter is another open platform and you can tweet about tidbits about your movie regularly. And if your tweets are funny or informative, it could prove to be a fantastic promotional tool for your movie. Your twitter wall can consist of a collage of snaps you took while filming. In a nutshell, do all that you can and a bit more, to attract and sustain attention.
Don’t be too in your face!

Share some of the behind-the-scenes action as short and cute videos on Facebook. Post transcripts of your movie, or maintain a blog and post trivia about the making of your movie. But don’t push too hard! Update your posts often, and a blog a day can keep the detractors away! If you don’t have the time to blog (it is only understandable given the endless cups of cappuccino, and late nights that are synonymous with movie-land), dictate your blog. Yes, you heard it right! Simply dictate into a recording device and approach a video transcription services firm to transcribe it for you. There are firms who provide specialized movie transcription services as well, with timestamps, time codes, character identification, the works.

Build a strong social media presence, socialize without getting up from your desk and changing clothes, and give those snobbish pr guys a run for their money by thinking out of the box!

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