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Transcription For Legal Proceedings

One of the important factors while deciding a transcription service is its accuracy. Especially when it comes to life and death situation which hangs on every word spoken on a tape, the accuracy of a transcript plays a crucial role. In the department of law, transcription of legal proceedings, transcription of audio tapes which are used as evidence, transcription of court room proceedings are some of the examples where accuracy of the transcript is a deciding factor. We are proud to state that the accuracy of our transcript has literally saved lives.

Yes, Consider the story of Megan McAvoy. She was involved in a long winded legal hassle which involved one of her close relatives who was accused of committing a crime. Megan knew in the heart of her hearts that this case was founded on false witnesses and baseless accusations. Through the many years when she had to battle this legal battle, she kept her resolve that the case would turn in her favour.

That's when she discovered the audio tape of the recordings of one of the crucial conversations of the case which had the power of turning the decision of the case on it's head. But the only glitch was that the audio tape contents weren't audible. They had a lot of noise and background sounds. When she submitted it to the judge, the judge neglected it on the premises that they were unclear.

Fortunately for her she chose to send the audio files to us so that she could use the transcript to plead the case in her favour. We transcribed the audio files and promptly delivered them to Megan. A few days after we sent her the transcript, we got a long and profound mail thanking us for the transcription services we had provided her. What had happened was that this particular audio file which she had sent us was used as a proof by her to claim her relative's innocence. And she couldn't use it in the case since it was unclear. But the transcript had all the necessary conversation in the audio tape and hence provided her an opening to win the court case in her favour. The judge who had initially said he couldn't get what was going on in the audio can now read the content of the tape in the transcript which proved to be a turning point in the case. Our transcript had literally helped Megan in that court case.

Following is an excerpt from the mail where she thanked us profusely:
"….I cannot thank you all enough for your efforts, I don't know if you'll ever know how much you have really done…This was the greatest service I have found, and believe me... I looked, even hunted. I have recommended Transcriptions Service to several Attorney's already this week…."So the next time you are looking for an accurate transcription for your legal proceedings, you know whom to appeal to.

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