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Digital Video Formats

The following Digital Video Formats are required for transcriptions.

  1. H 264 mpeg-4 (mp4)
  2. Apple mpeg-4 (mp4 or mov)
  3. Quicktime MOV file (mov)
  4. Windows Media format (wmv)
  5. Real Media (rm or rv)
  6. AVI (compressed format only)

The files with these formats should be compressed, it is not possible to transcribe from uncompressed digital video files. Hard drives with footage will not be accepted.

Video formats preferred

The digital video formats that will be preferred

H 264 mpeg-4 video with following specification

  1. 350 kbit/second data rate
  2. 320x240 (4:3 aspect ratio) or 320x180 (16:9 aspect ratio) window size
  3. 15 or 12 fps (1/2 actual rate)
  4. Single stream format
  5. Audio Channel set to stereo with AAC audio compression at 44.1 or 48.0khz

H 264 is the current format used for compressing video to smaller files which can be uploaded to our servers directly. If the video digital format you wish to send us is not mentioned above, send us the file in any case we will process it.

Make sure that you name your files with a name which is no longer than 25 characters.

You can use various options for uploading files. Click here to know

Charges applicable for Long Video/DVD

An extra US$ 15.00 for every ½ hour will be billed for single tapes or files that are longer in excess of 2 hours. In order to save on this charge, audio should be split into three portions if for example a single tape or DVD is of 180 minutes duration.

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