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Duplicating the ‘Originals’

It is always recommended that you only send us the duplicates of the original master copies of Videos, miniDiscs or DVDS; this little tutorial will help you in preparing copies of your originals.

Making copies of VHS

A HiFi Stereo VHS deck is required for duplicating originals in VHS format; the mode should be set to Standard Play (SP). A non-HiFi deck is not recommended for recording any form of extended play such as the SLP or EP. By sending One-to-One Interviews on VHS in SLP mode, it is most likely that a good quality audio would be classified as Type-2 because of the poor quality audio. A request for timecoding from SLP tapes will be billed an additional $0.30 per minute to cover the additional costs of time taken to transcribe and add timecode from SLP/EP tapes.

It is essential that the length of the tapes be of 1 hour duration, for your information there is no price difference in sending us 1 two-hour tapes or 2 one-hour tapes, the turn-around-time may be affected if a VHS tape is more than one hour in length, since only one transcriber will be assigned, and if two 1-hour VHS are sent to us we will assign the transcription service to two transcribers. Please note that VHS tapes of 2+ hours duration will be billed an additional $14 per half hour of increment above 2 hours.

Making copies of DVDs

A DVD can be duplicated by using a Windows and Macintosh computer with an aid of a software, a detailed instruction is available in the ‘How to’ sections of these software’s for copying DVDs.

Things to be aware of for burning DVDs

  1. Ensure that the DVD plays continuously from chapter to chapter and title to title.
  2. Only one title should be assigned to a Disc, use additional ‘Chapters’ if possible.
  3. It is not possible to transcribe ‘interactive’ DVDs which require navigation to play different audio segments.
  4. It is not recommended to add more than 120 minutes of content on to a single DVD, since and DVD longer than 120 minutes will incur additional charges.

Making Copies of Audio Cassettes

Use a Karaoke or a dual play recorder; however make sure that the record level is about 0 to +3 db.

Making copies of MiniDisc

It is not advisable to record more than 80 minutes of audio on a single MiniDisc, please note that MiniDisc of more than 2 hours will be charged an additional fee of $14.00 per ½ hour anything above 2 hours of duration.

Due to Sony’s copy right protection Mini Disc cartridges cannot be duplicated, it is recommended that the audio be copied to a VHS tape using a HiFi deck with a SP (Standard Mode) play, connect the outputs of the Mini Disc and plug it to the inputs of the VHS tape.

Additional charges for Long Tape/files

Extra charges will apply on a tape or file that is longer than 2 hours, $15 will be charged for every ½ hour beyond the initial 2 hours. It is therefore recommended that the recording of the audio be split into smaller parts, as an example record 60 minutes of audio on a single DVD etc, instead of recording 180 minutes, you could save on the charges by sending us three DVDs etc of 60 minutes each.

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