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Transcriptions from DV, DVCAM & miniDV + DVD duplication

We also provide transcriptions of DV, DVCAM and mini DV, however in order to do this we will need to dub them on to a DVD first, extra charges will apply on this service which will be billed to your account. The turn-around-time for such assignments will be different, because dubbing needs to be done first.

Our duplication charges from miniDV or DVCAM into DVD will be as follows,

Length First copy Additional Copies
30 minutes $20.00 $10.00
60 minutes $30.00 $10.00
Every additional 5 minutes $2.50  

If two DVCAM tape are sent, one which will 15 minutes in length and the other which will be 68 minutes long, the charges that will apply will be as follows,

# 15 minutes = $20.00
# 68 minutes $30 + $5 = $35.00
  Total $55.00

Multiple copies will be charged $10 per copy

For Time Coded transcripts, DVDs are created with Windows Burn, if there is a request for both Windows & Non-Window versions then the first copy will be charged twice.

Additional Turn-around-Time will need to be taken into consideration for content that needs to be dubbed to DVD for all transcriptions. If you are in need of a quick turn-around-time it is recommended that you send us VHS or DVD dubs prepared, you will thus will able to save time on duplication.

Charges applicable for Long Video/DVD

An extra US$ 15.00 for every ½ hour will be billed for single tapes or files that are longer in excess of 2 hours. In order to save on this charge, audio should be split into three portions if for example a single tape or DVD is of 180 minutes duration. Each tape should be of 60 minute duration.

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