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"The 'Google' advantage of providing transcripts
with video posted on the net."

Adding a transcript or captions to a video file posted on Google Video, Revver or You Tube can earn you an SEO advantage

Why do you need a transcription for a video posted on Google?

To get the best possible viewer ship for your video posted on Google, it is important that apart from the title and tags provided by you at the time of upload, if a transcript of the video also is uploaded, Google will then have precise information of the content of the video, and as a result if a person on Google search enters a phrase, which is similar to a phrase mentioned in any part of the video you have uploaded, then Google will be able to index the video in the search results, and in fact start playing it from the point where the search phrase was used.

Assuming someone on Google Video searched for "a beautiful evening gown" and the video you have uploaded has a similar phrase then your video which is indexed by Google, will not only be displayed, but the viewer will have the option of playing it from the point where "a beautiful evening gown" is mentioned in your uploaded video, because time coded transcriptions will give Internet users the option of viewing portions of a video that is most relevant to their query.

How do I add and upload the transcript to my video on Google?

If you wish to provide captions and subtitles to your video, you need to login to Google Video and on the Video Status Page click on "Add Captions/Subtitles" in the "Actions" feature for the chosen video. The time coded transcript provided by us can then be added to your video.

How do I make my video available to you for transcribing it, without others on the internet watching, it until it gets 'ready'?

You can upload your video on Google Video and mark it as "unlisted", it then cannot be seen in the public domain and Google will provide your video a private URL, the address of which you will need to send it to us. After it is transcribed and time code, you can then allow it to be viewed in the public domain.

Is it possible to provide transcriptions for videos featured on "You Tube" "Revver" or any other video sites?

Yes by all means it is possible; you just need to send us the URL link of your video on these sites, but captioned or subtitled video is possible only on Google Video at this point of time.

What are the minimum charges for a project?

Depending on the audio quality of the video, we charge $3 to $4 for transcribing videos of below 3 minutes duration, captioning charges will be extra.

What is the transcription time coded format Google accepts?

Since a time-coded transcript breaks the script of the video in segments, each segment includes the time at which the words or phrases in the transcript are said in the video, the time coding of each segment should be in the following format,

HH:MM:SS: mmm
HH: Hours starting at 00
MM: Minutes starting at 00
SS: Seconds starting at 00
mmm: Milliseconds starting at 000

An example of how the time-coded transcript should appear is listed below:

Words said between 09:54:50.000 and 09:54:53.000
Words said between 09:54.53.000 and the next segment.
Words said at 09:54:54.000.
Each timestamp is indicative to the start of the associated video file.

I am a gym owner from Memphis; we've made different videos on the workouts for our in-house viewing, we required transcripts for all the videos produced by us with time-stamping mentioned on them, I had set a limited budget for this since we regularly update the videos, and I was looking for a company that could work with us on a long term basis, sent us a price which was 30% to 40% cheaper than the others and assured us 99% accuracy for the assignment, I must say that they lived up to the assurances made."

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