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Hymn transcription services

Hymn transcription services that strike a chord!

It is Good Friday, and you stand before your, congregation, who, have gathered to hear the word of the lord. It is time to sing hymns and all hell breaks loose as nobody seems to get the lines or the meter right. A perfect rendition of your hymns needs no super human effort on your part as it is as simple as getting your hymns transcribed.Transcriptionsservice offers hymn transcription services at affordable costs and bankable turn around time.

We get every note right!

A text transcript of your hymns can be distributed to your congregation, and, Transcriptionsservice provides apart from accurate audio to text transcription services of your sermons, precise and errorless text transcripts of your hymns as well. We have offered hymn transcription services for, churches, Christian organizations, to Hymnists, choir groups of educational and Christian institutions, preachers and musicians.

Transcriptionsservice offers sheet music transcription services that are absolutely accurate down to the last note!

Make your hymns downloadable!

If you want to reach out and spread the word of god to more number of people, the surest way is to have a presence on the net. You could upload videos of your prayer meets and hymn singing sessions on the internet and reach out to followers across different continents and time zones. A text transcript of your hymns can not only make the rendition flawless and professional but also help in web page rankings.

Transcriptionsservice can provide word by word, errorless textual transcripts of your hymns so you can scale the Google ladder effortlessly and also help the viewers of your video to follow your hymns and sing along.

Our hymn transcription services are cost effective and timely.

Transcriptionsservice offers top of the line, hymn transcription services at rates that won't make a huge dent in your bank balance and if you have a tight budget 1877 323 4707 is the number to call. We can save you upto 40% of your transcribing costs and follow a thoroughly transparent and reliable pricing policy.

We also ensure that we deliver your transcripts at turn around times that are suited to your needs and lives up to your expectations.

Call 1877 323 4707 for further details.
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