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Madness Or Ignorance Kudos To The Transcriptionist And Editors

" Well, I use them whenever I can. They make post a lot easier. Some may not use it due to cost (budget it in from the get-go!), may not be aware how helpful they can be, or just ignorant. Trying to edit hours and hours of interviews without them is madness. " John Leonoudakis (IMBD ID: name/nm1663340)

Thank you, Mr. Jon Leonoudakis (IMBD ID: name/nm1663340)

It is heartening to read from someone who has been there and seen it all, it sure does make post a lot easier and this coming from someone who had done it with the big names in the entertainment industry with whom we are actively involved ourselves with our A to Zee of transcription services, so I guess we have a long way to go in educating or thro awareness campaign the benefits of using transcription service.

My 25 years in entertainment and media production has been a colorful adventure that has taken me from the manic days of music video production in the early 80s, to large interactive projects in the early 90s, to high end multimedia/new media projects and experiences for the Disney Theme Parks, The United Nations, and The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.  Jon Leonoudakis   (IMBD ID: name/nm1663340)





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