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Word processing for Real Media formats

We provide transcriptions for RealAudio (.ra) and RealVideo (rm) formats, which also includes embedded link streaming media, however an additional 24 hours turn-around-time will be required for streaming media files, the reason for this is that we will have to record the audio to a different file which will be used with the transcription software.

Our preferred Real Video format:

The specifications for Real Media video files are as follows.

RealMedia RealVideo 8 of these specifications:

  • 150 kbit/second
  • 240x180 window size
  • 10 fps
  • single stream format
  • audio channel set to 64kbit Stereo Music RealAudio 8 CODEC

The file name should not exceed 25 characters, it should read as: File10.rm. File11.rm or david-brown.rm, jonathan-franchi.rm

You can upload files with two easy options

  1. You can choose the easy upload method for digital files
  2. You can sign-up for an FTP account on our servers

Using the easy upload, you can drag & drop your files onto our server, for an FTP account you need to sign up first, then we will send you a User Id and a Password.

Charges applicable for Long Digital Video Files

An extra US$ 15.00 for every ½ hour will be billed for single tapes or files that are longer in excess of 2 hours. In order to save on this charge, audio should be split into three portions if for example a single video file is of 180 minutes duration. Each file should be of 60 minute duration.

I belong to the Methodist church, and for my sermons that are recorded on Video, I require transcripts of everything that I say, and it has to be accurate and verbatim, with entire contents of the Video transcribed the way it was recorded, I asked for 10 minute trial copy of the transcript, just to reassure myself if this company will be able to provide me the quality I was looking for, they certainly did a wonderful job, and I regularly assign them the task of transcribing my videos."

 Kevin Jordan

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