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Scripts Created From Transcriptions

"Ideally the director/editor/producer should do transcriptions to be BEST acquainted with the content of the piece. The edit takes place from a script created from the transcriptions or directly on the bench." Dino Reyes (IMBD ID: name/nm2759247)  

As the header suggests, at times the scripts are too long for an individual to transcribe by himself by paying attention to verbatim when it is not required, then there is the time coding/stamping factor involved taking into account the paragraph sync: to top it off there is TAT which needs strict adherence to. All these factors cry out for a transcription company to take up the challenge as this is their area of proficiency and it is done 24/7 by outsourced transcription companies, this is very well endorsed by
Dino Reyes (IMBD ID: name/nm2759247)  

Dino Reyes is an art director, graphic designer, animator (and sometimes filmmaker) living in Brooklyn, NY. He is a multi-channel art director, with experience in identity, print, interactive and motion. Other areas of expertise include: directorial experience and cinema graphic skill in HD & S16 film; digital intermediary; and editing.



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