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Start-to-Finish Captioning

The need for closed captioning

As per a Federal Law under the provisions of The Telecommunications Act, initiated by the FCC in 1996, it is mandatory as of 1st of January 2006 for all broadcasters to include closed captioning features into all English programming.

According to a recent study, it is estimated that there are twenty-seven million people in the United States who suffer from hearing deficiency, and people with this disability rely on closed captioning in television programs, videos and films.

Apart from this, there is a vast section of the American population who is not native English speaking, and for these immigrants, closed captioning programming enhances their English learning capabilities.

Transcriptions service offers Start-to-Finish captioning for multimedia broadcasting that includes programs on Television, Webcasts, Podcasts and Streaming media.

Sub-titling services

We also offer sub-titling services to our customers, subtitles in different languages is an added service which can expand the reach of the video to different parts of the globe.

Standard Input Formats: MP3/WAV/MPG, WMV, .WMA, .MOV, .RM, .RA, .WAV,.M4A, .M4B, .M4V, .FLV, or .MP4. MPEG2, AVI

Standard Output Formats:

For Web Captioning

QuickTime (.QT.TXT and .SMIL), Real (.RT and .SMIL), Windows Media (.SAMI and .ASX), and Flash (DFXP output for Flash CS3 or CCforFlash caption component, .XML for Captionate .FLV integration, .XML for RIT's caption component

For Web/Podcast Captioning Service

QuickTime (.QT.TXT and .SMIL), Real (.RT and .SMIL), Windows Media (.SAMI and .ASX)

For Video/DVD

.SCC to be used in DVD Authoring packages and Caption Maker or most line-21 encoder devices.

For Podcast Captioning

iTunes .M4A or .M4B (.XML), QuickTime .M4V, .MP3, or .MOV (.QT.TXT and .SMIL), Real .MP3 or .RA (.RT and .SMIL), Windows Media .MP3 or .WMA (.SAMI and .ASX), and Flash (DFXP output for Flash CS3 or CCforFlash caption component, .XML for Captionate .FLV integration, .XML for RIT's caption component).

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