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How to upload digital files for transcription?

You need to make sure that the audio for transcription sent to us is of the highest quality, before you convert it into MP3 for uploading it on our servers, if you are not familiar with converting files into MP3, read our tutorial on how to do it. And if you do not wish to get involved into technicalities of converting the files, you can send us the video/audio tapes or the Mini Disc and CDs through mail/courier.

What is a definition of Podcast?

It is a medium on the Internet where Audio or Video files are available for listening or watching, an entire series of audio or video can be viewed in a similar manner on how one watches a TV show or hears a radio program. However most of the content in a podcast is available on subscription basis and it is in a RSS (Real Simple Syndication) format; files are recorded and syndicated in a RSS format and then podcast.

What is so ‘new’ or different about a podcast, people have been listening to Internet radio or watching Videos on the net for years now?

Let us split the PODCAST into two parts, the POD can be podcast on a computer or a portable audio/video device such as an IPOD or a mobile phone, it means it is Portable and it is an On-Demand feature which can be heard or viewed at all times.

Like wise a CAST means, it can reach you through the Internet, in a similar way a broadcast we receive on our radio or TV. But to listen to a podcast you will require a computer connected to the Internet, and with software installed you can listen to all podcasts on the Internet.

What are the kinds of programs one can hear or view in a Podcast?

Just about all programs can be seen or heard, an amateur video or a music album, a cartoon or comedy video, you can navigate on the internet, as well as watch or hear a podcast.

How do you define a webcast, and how different is it from podcast?

Streaming audio & video can be transmitted live in a webcast, where as in a podcast content is recorded and available for download to your handheld portable device, basically content in podcast is combined and then delivered on demand for users to enjoy it on their hand held devices.

What is a webinar?

It is an acronym for a Web Based Seminar, instead of a seminar held at a venue; a webinar is like a conference room on the internet. To participate in a webinar all one needs is a phone and a personal computer with access to the Internet. Audio /Visual presentations can be made in a webinar.

What is a webisode?

It is similar to serials or episodes aired on television, but the medium of delivery of content in this case is the internet, that is why it is called as webisode an acronym of web episode, the mode of viewing is streaming video online; however there is a set standard of length ranging from 4-15 minutes, very often this medium is used for promotions of products or television episodes.

What is a webconference?

It is similar to webinar, but participation is larger than a webinar where an interaction is between a speaker and an audience, in a webconference an application is downloaded on a participant’s computer or a web based application is used, by logging on to the website where the conference is on.

What is an Internet Video?

It a collection of video clips aired on Shockinghumor, YouTube, Google Video, MSN Video and Yahoo! Video. The clips consist of news, movies, music videos and amateur videos and are recorded by digital cameras, mobile phones, webcam or high quality camcorders.

What is Internet Television?

It is a streaming Internet television, where viewers have a choice of shows they can watch from a library of shows, it is by definition television created, managed and distributed through the Internet, using the existing infrastructure of a broadband, ADSL, Wi-Fi or a cable or satellite connection.

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