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What is the purpose of a transcription for a video feature?

It helps producers to maintain urgent program delivery commitments for networks that will broadcast them; a transcript also is an accurate documentary record of a program’s content which includes the dialogs attributed to different speakers and time code markings. A transcript also can be used for translation of the program into different languages; in short it is an important script which can be used for a variety of reasons.

What do we transcribe?

Transcriptions service offers transcription services for multimedia companies producing television series, motion pictures, music videos, commercials, educational videos, documentaries, video interviews, seminars, group discussions annual general, meetings, conferences, voiceovers for films, advertisements, movie trailers, documentaries, events, corporate workshops, video conferences, training video transcriptions.

How accurate is the quality of transcriptions?

We have a three tier quality check that includes proof reading, all our transcribers are University graduates with a degree in Literature, the final transcription is 98% accurate, meeting all quality parameters set by customers.

What is the file format support available for Digital Video & Audio files?

Digital Video Formats Digital Audio Formats
Apple Quick Time Aac
Microsoft Aif
MOV movies ALaw
Real Player IVR Au
  Dct (encrypted dictation)
  DSP TrueSpeech
  DSS (Olympus, Lanier, Grundig)
  GSM 6.10
  Philips Digital
  Real Audio (ra and rm)
  Sanyo Digital
  Sony (msv, dvf)
  VoiceIt (sri)
  WMA (Windows Media Audio)

What is the Video tape format required for transcriptions?

We can provide transcriptions for PAL and NTSC Videos.

Why is a digital video file converted to digital audio for transcriptions?

Because no video transcription software is available, owing to which files have to be converted to digital audio for transcriptions, we have the provisions to convert digital videos to digital audio.

Is transcription possible from a Digital Video Disc (DVD)?

Yes it is possible, we transfer the DVD data on to a computer using specialized software, and after converting the audio of the DVD into MP3 we provide the transcriptions as usual.

Are transcription services available for content posted on “YouTube” “Google Video” and other similar video webcast service providers?

We provide transcriptions for all video/audio content posted on the net; send us a link of the file posted on the net or upload it on our server, and we will send you the accurate transcriptions of the video.

What is the advantage of preparing a transcription of a video posted on YouTube or Google Video?

You get an SEO advantage, the video posted by you will be indexed by the relevant search engines based on the spoken keyword in the video, potentially increasing the visibility of your video in the search, besides a transcription can also help you add captioning features to the video assisting the hearing impaired also to view the content.

What is a “Podcast”, and is a text version of it possible?

It is a video/audio digital media file that can be downloaded from specific websites on to handheld devices like a mobile phone or an iPod, similar to transcription services provided for other mediums, for ‘podcast transcription’ content also, transcriptions can be provided, a text version of the ‘podcast’ content helps to get an SEO advantage in various search engines.

What are “Documentary Interviews”, and is a transcription of this possible?

These are kind of interviews where subjects narrate their account of personal experiences of events such as a mountaineering expedition or an underwater exploration of marine life, the text version or the transcript of the documentary interview can help in adding sub-titling features to the documentary, and for a webcast or a podcast , an attached transcript will help in search engines index your creative production.

What is a ‘One-to-One’ interview, can it be transcribed?

It is an in-depth interview held with interesting known personalities from around the world, and belonging to different arenas, it could be politics, a media personality or a film star, transcriptions of ‘One-to-One’ interviews can help get the ‘internet’ SEO advantage, besides being useful in adding captioning and subtitling features to the interview.

What is Reality footage; can it be documented or transcribed?

It is an unstructured production of real live shows similar to ‘The Big Brother’ genre, in which the performers may or may not be professional artist; preparing transcripts with time coding and stamping has many advantages in post production stages of editing, and in webcasting short clips as ‘trailers’ for promotion of the program.

How does a transcription assist in the production process of ‘Feature Film Continuity’?

A transcript for this process becomes an essential tool if a movie, a television show or a documentary has to be broadcast; a ‘Full Continuity’ transcript is very detailed with all dialogs, on-screen graphics and scene descriptions elaborately being listed, another version of a ‘Film Continuity’ is a ‘Lite Continuity’ transcript which is useful for documentary or narrative features.

How do we send our video for transcriptions?

There are multiple options available for sending us the video for transcription; you need to first ensure that the audio recording in the video is of the highest quality before choosing the option of sending us the video for transcription.

You can choose the easy upload method for digital files

Where you can ‘drag & drop’ files on to our server customers have two choices here; they can choose ‘Regular Upload’ for regular files, and if more than 10 files have to be uploaded at a time you need to click on “Enhanced Upload Mode”.


You can sign-up for an FTP account on our servers

This gives you the option of uploading 20 plus digital files at a time, send us your request by email, if you choose this option, we will send you the User ID and Password of the FTP server where you can upload the files.


You can send us the Video by courier or express mail

Video cassettes, DVDs, Mini Disc can be sent to us by courier or express mail to our address,

Isource Solutions Pvt. Ltd
23441 Golden Springs Drive,
#346 Diamond Bar,
Toll free number: 1-(877)-323-4707
Email :
Syndication tools :
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Phone: 714-782-7013
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