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YouTube Video Transcription

Get more clicks for your Youtube videos right away!

We all love our Youtube videos. It could be a video of your first guitar concert, college reunion or of your three year old nephew trying to jive! We want the whole cyber world to view and adore our videos, but how many of us really do get the clicks we were expecting? Unless you are David Beckham or Lady Gaga, you will have to try out a few tricks to be noticed in the cyber world!

And the trick that always works!

The surefire way of getting more attention is to transcribe your videos. And Transcriptionsservice can help you get flawless, synchronized text transcripts. We transcribe dozens of Youtube videos everyday and can offer captioning and subtitling services for your Youtube videos, as well.

How more clicks could mean more dollars!

Transcriptionsservice can not only provide you with a perfect text transcript of your Youtube videos but can also help you earn a few bucks in the bargain. Here are a few reasons why your transcription bill is an investment and not an expense. Youtube allows monetization of your videos once you gain a few clicks and you could earn money through online advertisements. A text copy of your Youtube video can act as a promotional material when you hit the online market with your video!

With the mind boggling ten fold increase in the number of advertisers who advertise on Youtube and the worlds leading advertisers using Youtube as a platform to market their products and services, it is no longer an interesting statistic but an established fact that your videos could earn you money, and a text transcript of it, can make it easier!

Here is why you should send your Youtube links to us!

Transcriptionsservice is not only the worlds most affordable transcription services provider we are also completely professional.

We offer accurate, word by word text transcripts of your videos, and can provide custom designed

We work really fast and also offer live remote captioning services. For the best transcribing solutionsof your streaming videos dial 1877 323 4707. And for a list of cool sites that can help you reach us click here.


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