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There is a fast forward button for everything in this fast paced community!

Everybody is busy. The world has found the fast forward button. Businesses and information exchange happens at exhilerating speeds. Social media has become the hub of interconnecting individuals, businesses, friends, families, and events. Micro blogging and one-liners are the most effective in this fast-paced world. Twitter satisfies all the criteria of the fast-paced community. This serves as a real-time brainstorming tool. The most attractive of it all is that the population is global.

So this is one of the greatest tools to spread awareness on your webinar.

To be a hit on the twitter community, you need to follow the five golden rules.

Understand the game -Be visible:

60% of newbie tweeters lose their enthusiasm after a week. These one day superstars disappear eventually. Be slow and steady- understand and focus on your target audience. Do your home-work on the tweets that has maximum responses and shares. Understand the game, follow tweets, and reshare tweets that are closely related with your webinar. Grow your followers. Retweet and share things that might draw attention of passerbys. Maintain your visibility.

This is a time consuming process which you may not regret later.

Help them- gain attention:

Be ready to help. Be there for your followers in times of need. This is not by offering financial help. Help them by answering technical questions. Even though you do not know the answers do a research on it. Share the information gathered by you. Rather than advertising lend a helping hand- this may help you gain attention. This makes people look into every post you make. Authentic help is rare on social media. By offering a helping hand you find the shortcut to fame.

Isn’t that interesting? Why not try?

The magic of authentic content:

Post a killer content, this may do the magic. The relationships gathered through posting meaningful content are stronger than those built through personal interaction. Throwing the content into the online jungle and waiting for the magic to happen is not advisable. Ignite your content and let the audiences feel the taste of it.

Get them addicted and they will spread the message for you.

Reach your audience- Say you are real:

Unless and until people know you exist there won’t be any retweets and likes. Find the crowd that may be interested in you even before you start posting. Build your profile with your latest photo. This makes your audience believe you are real. Photos and biographies make your viewer emotionally attached. Search your audience for need. Data research their profile and their networks and connections. Make use of twellow and twitters search tools to mine the audience. Keep tweeting regradless of the retweets or comments.

This is because, every content counts as people are always on the look-out for information.

Be a twitter savvy:

Get yourself acquainted with all the necessary twitter tools and options. Every tweet has a reply option- use it wisely. Whenever a worthy tweet is found never hesitate to retweet and save as favorite. My top tweet is a website that portrays tweets with the highest number of interactions. Do look into those tweets and understand what caused the hype. Find out the content value that made the tweet so popular.

Do the research and provide your audience with the content they need.

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